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      Guangdong FOSHAN SHUNDE YIGAO MACHINERYCO., LTD is specialized in glass washing machine, combined R&D, manufacturing, and sales together. Committed to concept of “professional, concentration, innovation, and service”; YIGAO creats constantly, taking technology as the focus, making quality as life and customer as the God; we could offer you best service. YIGAO takes market demand as orientation and customers’ satisfaction as goal. To learn loyal customer group, listen them, touch and serve loyal customers on the basis of operation principles of “trustworthy, quality and mutual benefit”. All of these are the source and cite of our business. Facing the future, to be the outstanding modern large company, offering a noble stage and a decent life for employee, all of the…

      Product Center


      Services and benefits


      Product advantage

      Provide excellent products and services to customers with excellent design team and production equipment。

      Service quality

      Customized products according to customer requirements, years of operation, leading in the industry。

      Service guarantee

      National service network, timely meet the needs of customers, provide you with high-quality products

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